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Rome :the king of Bahrain celebrates coexistence through mixed marriage


Under the patronage of his majesty the king of Bahrain and with the participation of nearly 700 religious, cultural, political, artistic and scientific celebrities, the celebration of the international Day of mixed mariage takes place.
The event reflects the tendency of the human being to coexist and communicate with the other. This activity turns around the concept of Almouwatin ,which is present through its general manager Lahcen Hammouch.
His majesty the king of Bahrain demonstrates to the world his main concern and that of the Arab and Muslim world to coexist and bridge the gap with other communities no matter their colour, identity, culture or religion is.
During the celebration, there Will be different mixed marriages between Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist partners.
Almouwatin has already organised such an activity in which different communities and religions mainly Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular meet each other.
The representative of his majesty the king of Bahrain was present as well together with high level speakers and personalities in Europe including Imam Hassan Chalghoumi.
The kingdom of Bahrain is a symbol of coexistence and love between the different religions, ethnic groups and cultures in which we find, mosques, churches and temples next to each other.
This event is organised in Marriot Hotel in Rome and it is the first time that such a celebration takes place in Europe. The organisers are highly determined to make it a tradition in the future.


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